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My name is Martin Barnes and I'm going to reveal a weird little secret that will help you play any song on piano, in just 10 short days.

'll teach you all the tricks that famous musicians use to play piano by ear without any of the conventional teaching methods. There will be no sheet music, no endless scales or exercises, no classes, and no drills. The best part is that all of this is possible without taking years and years of expensive piano lessons!

Even though this may sound impossible now, once you read what I have to say and do what I recommend, this rapid Piano learning technique I'm about to show you has been proven to work time and time again. This technique can teach anyone how to play piano by ear.

You'll feel like you suddenly have the magic keys to the piano center of your mind.

You'll feel like you suddenly have the magic keys to the piano center of your mind.
You'll finally be able to play ALL your favorite songs.
You'll be able to play songs you've wanted to play for years!
You'll shock your friends when a hot new song plays on the radio and then you quickly and easily play it on the piano.
You might even write the next big hit yourself, become a YouTube sensation, or join an awesome new band.

Have you ever wanted to play piano by ear but thought it was just too hard, that you'd need years and years of lessons?

Or maybe you already play piano but you are dependent on sheet music. If you're like thousands of other players that I've met then I know you've felt frustrated that you can't hear a song, and then just play it naturally?

So let me ask you this question:

How much better would your life be if you could PLAY piano by ear right now?

I'm willing to bet playing piano by ear would set you free and change your musical world forever.

You're About To Learn A Unique 5-Step System That Will Allow You To Play Piano By Ear In 10 Days – 100% Guaranteed.

I know there's something you've wanted to do for a long time, and that is to learn how to play the piano and amaze everyone with your musical skills.

ou see, the main hurdle that people face when trying to learn piano is that there are boring scales to learn and hours upon hours of practicing something that's even more boring: written music.

Now, don't get me wrong...

These techniques are effective, but the thing is that playing piano is supposed to be fun and entertaining – not just dreadful and boring exercises done over and over again.

But before you get to that, let me tell you a little bit about my love for music…

Music is a passion and a feeling; it's an art that you should enjoy from the bottom of your heart.
My name is Dr. Martin Barnes and I'm a professional pianist with over 25 years in front of the keyboards.

And just in case you're wondering, no, I'm not a self-proclaimed music doctor like Dr. Dre or anything like that. I'm actually a real doctor with a degree from the Berklee College of Music, I specialize in family practice and the only thing that I love more than being a doctor is playing music.

Music is a passion and a feeling; it's an art that you should enjoy from the bottom of your heart.

From the very moment you make this art an obligation (by practicing boring scales and methods) then you can face the typical problems that undermine your love for playing piano; demotivation and boredom.


I've always been amazed that of the 100's of classically taught piano players I've spoken with over the years, the vast majority wish they could play the piano by ear and play more freely, easily, and naturally.

If you've been experiencing frustration learning piano, then never fear, because

the Piano by Ear Blueprint is here.

Today you'll be able to learn piano in a fun and entertaining way – a way that will awaken the genius you have inside. I'm going to show you a simple system that will let you trap your inner brilliance.

Playing piano can be magical and it makes you feel alive. It is capable of making you experience a wide range and depth of emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Joy, Melancholy, and Jubilation.

Best of all, other people get to hear you play and they In turn experience the emotions of beautiful music. When you learn to play piano like this, you will be sharing your gift with the rest of the world!

That's why you won't find a boring and technical piano report here, but rather a 5-step system that will help you to play the piano at record speed in an entertaining way.

And it will certainly entertain you!

Playing piano can be magical and it makes you feel alive.
I believe I can help you master my 5-step system even if:
  • You don't know anything about piano
  • You don't know how to read music or play a scale
  • You're stuck at your current piano playing level and want to go beyond
  • You don't know anything about piano
  • You don't know how to read music or play a scale
  • You're stuck at your current piano playing level and want to go beyond

No matter WHY you want to play the piano, I'm here to help you and I assure you that once you apply my unique and revolutionary 5-step piano method that nothing can hold you back from achieving your musical goals.

For a few moments, just imagine you're able to easily play beautiful songs and amaze your friends or relatives.

Say for example, that you want to play ANY song you hear on the radio... wouldn't that be cool?

Now, I'm sure that you're itching to learn my 5-step piano system that will allow you to play like a pro in record time – even if you've never played the piano before. I was in the same shoes you are in now…

When I started to play piano at the early age of six, I instantly knew that playing piano was something I wanted to do my whole life.

I took a lot of piano courses, learned to read sheet music, and practiced COUNTLESS scales day in and day out. Of course they helped me to improve my skills, but I felt there should be a better and more entertaining way to learn to play piano.

One day one of my teachers played a song that you probably know: "Ode To Joy", and told me to practice by looking at the sheet music.

But while I was doing so, I thought it would be a great idea to play this particular song by ear.

And that's exactly what I did...

Playing piano was something I wanted to do my whole life.
In that very moment, my 5-step method was born.

I spent a lot of time tweaking and developing this unique method.

It allowed me to take my musical skills to the next level, and if you keep watching this video you'll find out how it can turn you into a piano pro too!

Today, I want to introduce you to something that I call the "Piano by Ear Blueprint".


I put this blueprint together myself over a period of 2 years and here's what
it contains:

Step By Step methods that will allow you to play piano by ear in just 10 days!
You can start playing quickly and easily every song you hear on the radio.
Especially designed for those who've never played piano before and for those who want to improve their existing skills!
Proven techniques that will help you to improvise beautiful songs easily.
Hours and Hours of Video Tutorials that will show you first hand how to play piano by ear.
"Piano By Ear Blueprint" is a no-fluff e-Course containing my 5-step method that can transform you into an excellent pianist!
No music sheets or music-reading required: I will show you everything you need to know about learning piano by ear.
For all ages. It doesn't matter if you're 15 or even 45, "Piano By Ear Blueprint" is for you!

"All of this and much more is perfectly possible in just 10 days!"

You're not in front of "yet another boring piano guide", but rather a method that will teach you step-by-step HOW you can easily play piano by ear in just ten days flat.

The course is laid out in a video format and contains live examples which have the following elements:

"Piano By Ear Blueprint" is an exceptional way to learn to play by ear.

Introductions to every topic we discuss.

In this section, you will see a headshot of me talking directly to you and explaining what that specific lesson is all about!

We'll have overhead keyboard Shots.

I've seen many video tutorials where you cannot see what the piano player is actually playing. This is not the case with my course. All of the Keyboard shots are recording with an overhead camera so you can see exactly what I am playing from the best angle!

Every keyboard shot will include a Virtual Piano.

Just in case there's any difficulty seeing what my hands are playing, I've included a virtual piano that accompanies every keyboard shot. This virtual piano will show the exact notes I am playing without my hands getting in the way. If you're every having trouble with getting a specific voicing just right, then simply pause the video to see exactly what I am playing on the Virtual Piano.


And while this information is great news, you're probably wondering how much all of this is going to cost. First, let's compare some other methods you could choose to see what makes the most sense for you.

Conventional Lessons can cost up to 40 dollars per hour.

Multiply 40 dollars times 1000 hours to become a proficient player. That gives us a grand total of 40,000 dollars and 3-5 years of commitment. Also, conventional teaching methods can make you dependent upon sheet music, and this is exactly what we want to avoid.

For those seeking a College Level Education in Piano Perfomance:

Depending on where you go, you're looking at $25,000-$50,000 and 4 years of your life to become a book taught musician.

For those looking into Online Courses:

This is much more manageable financially and you will most likely only spend $1000-$2000 going this route. Then it becomes a matter of choosing the right course for you.


Based on the methods above, I fully realize that I could and should, according to my publisher, charge up to around $1,500 for a course of this magnitude, mainly, for two reasons...

First, because my 10-day method is something innovative that you won't find elsewhere and second it simply works like a charm.

I know you might be thinking that $1,500 is out of your budget, so please, be relaxed as I won't ask for that much money even though I'm sure you'd agree that it's a steal compared to taking expensive lessons for half a decade!

You see, I want my course to reach all kinds of people around the world...
...People that have something in common; the passion for piano.

For that reason alone, I've decided that $997 is even too much.

Although I could still sell a lot of blueprints, many people couldn't afford to secure a copy of my unique and effective method.

I don't want this, mainly because I'm not in this for the money; my goal is to help as many people as I can learn to play the piano by ear in the fastest time possible.

So that's why today, you can have instant access to "Piano By Ear Bluprint"
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Yes, you read right: this is a very low price that's accessible for a lot of people around the world. Including YOU.

But that's not all!

I know you might be skeptical right now, so that's why I'd like to throw in an exclusive deal that you'll be hard pressed to refuse.

My 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

I'm talking about giving you access to my amazing report RISK FREE.

You can access the members' area and learn, implement, and see what my report can do for you. If you're not satisfied with my 5-step method after a full 60 days, then all you have to do is send me an email and I'll promptly refund your money. *Without* asking questions.

This is the best way I can think of to demonstrate the full confidence I have in my entertaining, fun, and insightful learn-piano-by-ear method.


You can spend literally thousands in boring piano courses that won't get you anywhere you want to be...

...Or you can invest the measly amount you see below and finally play piano like you've always dreamed.

I bet you never thought that playing piano like a master could take only 10 days of your time, right?

This is not boring theory thrown into a 300-page E-book.

Just think about althe benefits that you can obtain in just ten days...
  • Play piano in church, in bars, in front of your friends or even in concert!
  • Play practically every song you hear on the radio;
  • Impress your friends, family and band mates with your amazing piano-playing style;
  • Write your very own songs. (Who knows, maybe someday you'll be famous!);
  • Start playing the piano and improvising, making anyone that hears you drop their jaw immediately.
All you have to do is click the button below and you'll get immediate access to the materials and you can start practicing right away!
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